Monday, August 6, 2012

Don't be afraid of Mayhem.

Most people are afraid of mayhem. The idea of things being completely out of control frightens them. Most people prefer for things to be under control... easily defined and easily understood.

However, as I am sure we're all aware, in life -and in business- this is not always the case. Frequently things happen that are completely out of our control. The entire world can get turned upside down in a moment's notice. The natural response many times is to pull back, shut down, and freeze up. Hunker down until things stabilize and get back to "normal".

However, things may not go back to normal for a rally long time, if ever. Look at the economy we're in right now. it's been down for so long that if you were simply waiting for things to go back to the way they were, you'd be in pretty big trouble! And staying in 1 place can be crippling to a business,, or to someone's life.

What to do when the wheels come off? Just flip the script, and look at all that mayhem in a whole new way. When things are out of control, basically all the rules have changed, in fact there probably are no rules at ALL at this point! And what looks like total chaos at first glance may actually be the most even playing field you've ever been a part of. When things are upside down you can't help but look at things in a new way from, a brand new perspective. Sometimes that's all it takes to put a fresh spin on things, and that can work to your advantage.

Working in an atmosphere of mayhem can also be liberating. If everything has already gone wrong, how badly can you screw things up by trying something new? In a situation like that any action is better than inaction. Look at an out-of-control situation as an opportunity instead of a problem and you just might be surprised by the results. like that great philosopher Zig Ziglar once said, "If you think you can- or think you can't- you're probably right!"

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