Monday, August 8, 2011

Got Goals?

I'm updating my goals list.

So far I have: update my resume, set a regular blogging schedule, establish myself as a subject matter expert in my career field of event production, lose 10 more pounds, start taking jiu jitsu lessons, and be able to hit someone in the head w/ a Muay Thai kick by December 31st.

Also: spend more time with my wife, pay off my credit cards, improve my social media marketing efforts, and start a separate savings account for family trips and vacations.

I've got short term action steps for the longer term goals in place. They say writing down goals is the best first step towards achieving them, otherwise it's just a daydream! Set long term goals, short-term goals, and daily goals. I have career/business goals, financial goals, health goals, relationship goals... this isn't just about your life at work. You can't hit a target if you can't see it, so write them down! I put mine on Post-It notes on my mirror, so I see them every day. Talk about motivation!

Napoleon Hill talks about the power of writing down goals in his amazing book "Think And Grow Rich". If you haven't read that yet I strongly suggest you stop what you're doing this very minute and go read it. NOW! I see it the principles from that book working in the lives of successful people from all walks of life- from Gene Simmons to Zig Ziglar! Two of my heroes, by the way!

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